How might we integrate teaching, learning & assessment?

Some of the big ideas (in no particular order) include: assessment for/as/of learning; formative/summative; communicating to parents; performance standards, Integrated Resource Packages, Individualized Education Plans, criteria-based; norm-based; portfolios; performance tasks; running records; Ministry resources; Foundation Skills Assessment testing; interviews; differentiated instruction; school plans; self-assessment; involving parents; involving students; authentic assessment; links to prescribed learning outcomes; Assessment for Learning (Stiggins); Understanding by Design (Wiggins); Gr. 12 provincial exams; holistic marking; cross-grade exams; observational data; checklists; criteria-based rubrics


These and other texts are available in the Education Library. Excerpts are available in the Scarfe 302 Faculty Advisor Office (organized by guiding question).


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BC Ministry Primary Program: Framework for Teaching
Version française

BC Ministry Clasrroom Assessment Handbooks
Stiggins, R., Arter, J., Chappuis, J. & Chappuis, S. (2006). Assessment for and of Learning. Classroom assessment for student learning. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

Western & Northern Canadian Protocol. (2006). Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind.
Network of Performance-based Schools, BC. Rubrics & quick scales for students & families (kid-friendly language), linked to BC Performance Standards (Literacy, Numeracy, Social Resp.)

Tierney, R. (1998). Literacy assessment reform: Shifting beliefs, principled possibilities, and emerging practices.

Wiggins, G. Defining Assessment
Secondary Assessment - Assessment for Learning: Questions and Answers
Video (UK) - Teachers.TV
Perkins, D., & Blythe, T. (1994). Putting Understanding up Front.
Teaching for Understanding
BCTF Assessment notes
SD 70 - based on Cameron & Davies (1997) Setting & Using Criteria

Teaching and Learning in Scotland - some great video clips
Start with any of Dylan Wiliam's clips
or his podcasts/webcasts

BBC - Schools in Finland: Why do they get better results?
Standardized testing - Simpsons style - Youtube
Sarte, J., & Hughes, S. (2010). Refocusing our efforts: A shift from grading to an emphasis on learning. Educational Insights, 14(1).
Richard Zerbe, Vancouver Principal, Assessment for Learning PPT . .PREZI . en français
Presentation on iTunes U [Go to Education, Faculty of ; Click on the POT/COMM tab]

Edugains (Ontario) Assessment for/as/of Learning videoclips
to support Ontario's (2010) Growing Success document