How might we create safe & engaging learning environments?

Some of the big ideas (in no particular order) include: motivation; active learning; safety (classroom rules; lab, gym); awareness of medical issues; behaviour management; Skinner; Bruner; Bloom; external vs internal controls; proaction vs reaction; non-confrontational interaction; Assertive Discipline (Canter); social responsibility; Restitutuion (Gossen), Tribes (Gibbs), performance standards; Ethics of care (Noddings), keys for success (Reithaug)


These and other articles are available in the Education Library. Excerpts are available in the Scarfe 302 Faculty Advisor Office (organized by guiding question).

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BC Ministry of Education - Social Responsibility Performance Standards

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Restitution (Gossen) Info, clips, resources

Government of Manitoba Resources - Discipline Strategies and Interventions
Planning for Individual Behaviour (SBT procedures)

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Assertive Discipline (Canter)- overview

Tools for Teaching (Jones) - preview

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BC Science Safety Manual

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  Introductory PPT- Theories of Management from Nippissing University (should be reviewed and adpated to suit)

Safe Schools: Effective Behaviour Support (EBS)

Jacob Kounin (withitness, overlapping, momentum, smoothness, transitions, group alerting) .... - Wiki Ed one-pager. ...PPT on Kounin from Nippissing U.

YouTube - 1947 Classroom Discipline

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The surprising truths about what motivates us - Youtube
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Ingrid Veilleux, Comment organiser un débat/parler d'une contraverse académique (PPT) (based on Bennett strategies) English translation coming...


Heinemann podcast: Engaging and Motivating Students. (Interview with two US secondary teachers about building classroom community.)