Elementary Core French Program
  • unique program design provides maximum flexibility for students & teachers
  • twenty-two high-interest themes from which to choose
  • project-driven, student-centered, authentic learning using French
  • perfect for multi-age groupings and split classes
  • may be purchased as separate modules/kits or as complete program

  • *NEW*  Visages Evaluation Rubrics / IRP Correlations / Resources

    Visages 1

    Les animaux de compagnie: pets, introductions, preferences, physical descriptions
    La télévision: media, time/date, promotion of ideas, preferences, Canadian geography
    Les clowns:  emotions/moods, colours, facial features, time of day, invitations
    Les héros:  personal attributes, valuing others, notable Canadians, newspaper articles, comics
    Les pattes:  animal actions, advertising, clothing, introductions, Canadian wildlife
    Les pas:  actions, exercise, dance, giving directions, rhythm & music, numbers
    Dans la forêt:  environment, forest creatures, life cycles, science projects, seasons
    Dans une île tropicale: island topography, features & wildlife, mapping skills, music
    Visages 2
    La pizza:  food preferences, recipe writing, muticultural cuisine
    Les t-shirts:  seasonal leisure activities, Québecois & local geography, t-shirt & slogan design
    Les fourmis:  how ants work together / students work together, family, school, environment
    Dans les nuages:  history of flight, famous Francophone inventors & aviators, Reader's theatre
    Les pompiers:  safety, housing, school, planning a home fire escape route, personnification
    Les extra-terrestres:  school, friendship, appreciating differences, actions, coded language
    Le temps:  weather, nature, personnification, Canadian artists, poetry
    Les animaux en danger:  endangered species - research/causes/solutions, representing research
    Visages 3
    Natalie au Québec:  school, Francophone communities, handling new situations, how we learn
    Pauvre Alphonse:  solving a mystery, composite drawings, clothing, physical characteristics
    Au travail:  trades & professions, aptitude & training, conducting interviews, future projections
    Au restaurant:  French menu cuisine, restaurant server skills, placing & taking orders, trades
    Au camp des vacances:  leisure activities, features of summer camps, friends, publicity
    Le monde sous-marin:  underwater environment, scientific classification, conducting research
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